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Mission Statement


Core Values

Our values define who we are not just as a business but as people in our everyday lives. Lyla Lu Bath Co is a close family owned and ran business and we stand for the rights of all beings in the world as we would stand for the rights of those within our family.
We believe that all humans and beings deserve equal and fair treatment.

Build The Best Product

Our criteria for the best product rests on sustainability, ethically sourced , and, foremost, whether it is 100% vegan. Lyla Lu Bath Co is the 1st Bath and Body Company in Australia that is certified by Vegan Australia.

Cause No Unnecessary Harm

We understand that human consumerism is the largest source of current animal and human rights issues. We as a business want to play an integral part of changing the way people view current world issues. Not only do we offer a higher quality of product but we offer a sustainable, ethical and full vegan range of products. We want the world to see that your own self love and self care does not have to come at the cost of an innocent being!